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TALKS: as a musicologist, EDI Advocate and performer

Helen Julia Minors
Helen Julia Minors
Helen Julia Minors
Helen Julia Minors


(2023)              Panel Keynote, Shakespeare and Sanctuary, York International Shakespeare Festival, York, 29 April 2023.

(2023)              Music Policy Panel, British Council and KM Music Conservatory, Chennai, India, 2nd March 2023.

(2022)              Reflective Practitioner, York St John University, December, Creative Centre..

(2022)              Going beyond the score: Soundpainting, Drum and Bass, Doing Music Differently, The Curve Theatre, Leicester, March.

(2022)              EDI Music Studies Network, Panel chair, Women in Music Breakfast, Southbank Centre, March.

(2021)              Guest Panel, British Film Institute (BFI), Ennio Morricone, led by Justin Johnson, with panelists Neil Brand and Nainita Desai. August. London Southbank Centre.

(2019)             ‘Performing (Musical) Great Expectations: the reality of higher music education

in the neo-liberal global context’, Performance Studies in Higher Music

Education, 11-13th April, Lulea, Sweden.

(2018)              ‘Translations between Music and Dance: Analysing the choreomusical gestural

interplay in Twentieth and twenty-first century dance works’, Beyond Words:

Multimodal Encounters in Translation, The University of Cambridge, 5-6th July.

(2016)              ‘Redefining Intercultural musicology as a mode of artistic and cultural translation:

reassessing the National Gallery’s Soundscape exhibition (2015)’, Annual general

meeting of Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra, Reading, September.

(2016)             ‘Lost and Found in Translation’, Club Inégales, in conversation with composer

Michael Finnisey, London, June.

(2016)              ‘Music and Translation’, CRASSH, Cambridge University, May.

(2016)             Keynote Panel, Panel contribution: ‘Succeeding in Music in HE, RMA Research

Students Conference’, January 2016. The full TEF response, written by me on

behalf of NAMHE is accessible:

(2015)             ‘The Value and Range of Music and Creative Practice in UK HEIs’, Symposium

on Music in Higher Education in Ireland: Challenges, Possibilities and Future

Directions in partnership with SMEI, CHMHE, SMI, HEA, AERG, Funded,

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1 April. Published on the website of the SMEI.

(2013)             ‘Fusing Words and Music: the case of a new production of A Midsummer Night’s

Dreams’, Symposium: Opera Multilingualism and Translation, Europe House,

European Commission, 25th October. Funded as part of the AHRC network,

Translating Music.

(2013)             ‘Translating Music, Translating Sense: interpreting meaning in multimodal

works’, ‘Multimodalities: Aesthetic Dimensions in Music and Education

Practices’ at Volda University College in Western Norway from June the 18th–

21st, part of the Grieg Research School and coordinated by the University of

Bergen. Funded by Volda University College.

(2013)             ‘The PhD presentation medium must correlate to the needs of the research –

reflecting on supervising practice research doctorates’, 30th April, University of

Winchester, funded by the HEA.

(2013)             ‘Making the most of your creative practice: practice-led research, research-led

practice and gaining higher degrees’, Pinewood Studios, organised by School

Away Day: Ealing School of Art, Design and Media, University of West London,

7 February. Funded by UWL.

Conference Paper

(2023)              'Teaching Music Performance', REACT EXPO, Helsinki, 7-9 June.

(2023)              'Multimodal translation through the eyes, the body and the ears', Multimodal translation in the arts: (multi)modalities, languages and codes in/as translation', 22 The University of Cardiff, May.

(2023)              ‘Teaching Music Performance in Higher Education: exploring the potential of artistic research’, The 10th European Platform for Artistic Research in Music EPARM conference on Upbeat: Futures of Artistic Research in Music. Royal Danish Academy of Music.

(2023)              'Introducing WMLON', RAW Research Lunch, York St John University, April.

(2023)              ‘Introducing WMLON’, Research Seminar Series, York University, March.

(2022)              Chair and compare for DONNE Women In Music, 2022 Report Launch, Elgar room, Royal Albert Hall, London, video here: and report here:

(2022)              ‘Exploring Women’s Musical Leadership: Salon, Collectives, and Networks’, Feminist Theory and Music Conference, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 7-10th July 2022, with Laura Hamer, Laura Watson and Ann Grindley.

(2022)              Introducing WNLON: Women’s Musical Leadership Online Network;, Music Research Seminar Series, The University of Sheffield, 22 March 2022.

(2022)              Introducing WMLON: Women’s Musical Leadership Online Network, Society for Musicology in Ireland Annual Conference, June 2022.

(2021)              ‘Exploring Women’s Musical Leadership: Salon Culture, Collectives, and Networks’, The Third International Conference on Women's Work in Music, Bangor University, with Laura Hamer, Laura Watson and Ann Grindley. August.

(2020)              ‘Music and Transformation: exploring the impact of the transmedial turn’, Transmedial; Turn: Potentials, Problems and Points to Consider, University of Tartu, Estonia, December, may be postponed due to Covid19.

(2020)              Invited paper for Musik als Experimentierfeld fűr Bewegung, Music as an Experimental Field for Movement, Strobl am Wolfgangsee, Austria, September, online due to Covid19.

(2020)              ‘BTS: translating music and intercultural dialogue’, BTS: A global conference

project, Kingston University, 5-7th January.

(2019)              ‘Translating Music and Dance’, Visiting Professor lecture, Pitea, Lulea Technical University, December.

(2019)             ‘Translating Intercultural Intersections through Music: movements between Text,

Music and Animation in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, International Conference on

‘Musical Intersections in Practice’ (MIP2019) University of Cambridge, 25-26th


(2019)              Women’s Voices at Club Inégales, curated and presented a series of 4 pore

concert panel sessions with Layale Chaker 2 May, Rebecca Saunders performed by BCMG 16 May, Gazelle Twin 30 May, and Jasmin Kent Rodgman 13 June. Funded by the Arts Council.

(2019)             Panel lead, Diversity and Performance, with Ensemble Inégales and Peter

Wiegold, International Women in/and Musical Leadership Conference, Senate

House London 7th March.

(2019)             Panel lead, Improvisation and Performance, with Jenni Roditi and The

Improvisers Choir, International Women in/and Musical Leadership Conference,

Senate House London 8th March.

(2019)             ‘Soundpainting and the female presence’, International Women in/and Musical

Leadership Conference, Senate House London 7-9th March.

(2018)             ‘Mickey Mouse: from Goethe, to French music, to American animation’, 4th

International Conference on itineraries in Translation History, University of

Tartu, Estonia, 13-15th December.

(2018)             ‘“Taking Race Live Project”: Opening Doors, Demolishing Walls – Exploring

Co-Creative Interdisciplinary Practice’, Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across

Cultures and Creativities, The University of Cambridge, October 2018.

(2018)             ‘Panel with Bruno Faria: Soundpainting: The Education of Professional

Musicians’, The Royal Musical Association Annual Conference. The University

of Bristol. 13-15th September.

(2018)             ‘Taking Race Live: an inclusive curriculum’. Music Research Seminar Series,

Middlesex University, 27 February.

(2017)             ‘If Hope were to Write to Music’, Hoping, Kingston Writers’ Centre, Minima

Yacht Club, 7th December.

(2017)             ‘Improvisation and an Inclusive HE Music Curriculum: “Taking Race Live”’,

Research Seminar, UCL, November.

(2017)             ‘Taking race live: liveness and inclusion in higher music education’. 7th Annual

Conference of the Society for Music Education in Ireland, 10-11th November,

Dundalk, Ireland.

(2017)             ‘Improvisation and an Inclusive HE Music Curriculum: “Taking Race Live”’, as

part of the ‘Performance and Pedagogy’ panel, 54th Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, Liverpool University, 7-9th September,.

(2017)             ‘Taking Race Live’ Student Partners, UNESCO event, Kingston University, June.

(2017)             ‘Snakes and Ladders: NAMHE’s view on the TEF landscape’, NAMHE Annual

Conference, Faculty of Education, The University of Cambridge, 2 May.

(2017)             ‘Researching, Constructing and Applying an Inclusive HE Music Curriculum:

sharing the processes, practices and findings of the project, “Taking Race Live”.

The 10th International Research in Music Education Conference; 24-27 April,

Bath Spa University. Funded by staff development, Kingston University.

(2017)             ‘Practice Research Action Group’, discussion lead, Joint Conference of the

subject associations, SCUDD, NAMHE, DANCEHE, The University of

Huddersfield, April.

(2017)             ‘Dance and Music: relating score and choreography’, Invited Guest Lecture,

Roehampton University, funded, February.

(2017)             Invited paper: ‘Lost and Found in Translation: intercultural music research’

Canterbury Christ Church University, Research Seminar series Funded by CCU,


(2016)              Panel discussion, Performance Studies Network Conference, Bath Spa University,


(2016)             ‘Redefining Intercultural musicology as a mode of artistic and cultural translation:

reassessing the National Gallery’s Soundscape exhibition (2015)’, Building

Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures, Cambridge University, June.

(2016)              ‘Taking Race Live: Interdisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities’, Higher

Education Race Action Group Think Tank, London, 20 June.

(2016)             Panel: ‘Advocacy and Policy: National Association for Music in Higher

Education’, with Pamela Burnard Charles Wiffen and Zaina Shihabi, International

Society for Music Education, Glasgow, July.

(2016)             Panel paper, ‘Music and Dance Gesture – soundpainting’, Kingston Cultural

Histories, Kingston University, April.

(2015)             Panel Convenor, ‘Dukas at 50’, Paper: ‘Paul Dukas’s Modern Aesthetic Revealed

in Funereal Mode: Le Tombeau in La Revue musicale’, Royal Musical

Association Annual Conference, University of Birmingham, August. Funded staff


(2015)             ‘Dukas @ 150 : philosopher and comparative artist’, Dukas2015 Conference at

Maynooth, National University of Ireland, 5–6th July. Funded by Staff

Development, Kingston University. Conference co-chair.

(2015)             Invited Research Seminar, ‘What is Soundpainting: composing in the moment’,

Bath Spa University, 8 January, funded by Bath Spa University.

(2015)             Invited ‘Paul Dukas’s Modern Aesthetic Revealed in Funereal Mode: Le

Tombeau in La Revue musicale’, Historical Interplay in French Music, Birmingham Conservatoire, 4 July, funded by Birmingham Conservatoire.

(2014)             Invited Panel Contribution, Music in Translation Conference, Cardiff University,

25 May.

(2014)             Panel contribution, ‘Learning Communities’, Annual Conference for the National

Association for Music in Higher Education, 6 May, Bathspa University.

(2014)             ‘How can music deliver the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream?’, Kingston

Connections, invited by the Rose Theatre, 23rd June.

(2014)             ‘Fusing Words and Music: A Midsummer Night’s Dreams’, Music Research

Seminar Series, March 2014, Kingston University, 24th February.

(2014)             ‘Paul Dukas’ Appropriation of Mæterlinck’s Text: Surveying a progress of musical translation in Ariane et Barbe-Bleue (1907)’, Improvisation and Digital Arts Festival, Kingston University, 20th February.

(2014)             ‘Listening to Monteverdi’s Vespers’, Community Outreach Workshop organised

by Kingston Choral Society, held at Coombehurst Studio, Kingston University, 1st February.

(2013)             ‘Exploring interart cultural dialogue in Erik Satie’s Sports et divertissements

(1914/1922)’, Cultural Histories at Kingston University, invited Inaugural paper for the new research unit, 5th December.

(2013)             Response and Q+A direction, ‘Bloodlines’, Gallery Studio, Rose Theatre,

Kingston, 6th November.

(2013)             Invited and Funded Contribution to the Commonwealth Creativities in

Intercultural Arts Network [CIAN] network session on intercultural research, The University of Cambridge, 25th September.

(2013)             ‘Reputation and Remembrance: the tombeau supplement, La Revue musicale’,

8th Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900, Liverpool Hope University 12–15 September. Funded by staff development, Kingston University.

(2013)             Panel Session, ‘Exploring interart dialogue in Erik Satie’s Sports et

divertissements (1914/1922)’, Leisure and Pleasure during Les Années folles  ‘Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900, Liverpool Hope University 12–15 September.

(2013)             Invited Panel Session Convener and Presenter, ‘Music-Dance and Gesture’: Dr.

Helen Julia Minors, Prof. Lawrence Zbikowski, Prof. Stephanie Jordan, Prof.

Stephanie Schroedter. Paper title: ‘Music in motion: proposing a gestural and

spatial analysis of music-dance works’. RMA Annual Conference, Senate House,

London, 19th September.

(2013)             Invited respondent (on behalf of National Association of Music in Higher

Education) to ‘Music | Digitisation | Mediation, Towards Interdisciplinary Music

Studies’, Oxford University, 13 May, Funded by Kingston University, Staff


(2013)             Research seminar on the intermedia relationships in the work of Erik Satie, at

Liverpool Hope University, 27 February. Invited and Funded by Liverpool Hope


(2012)             ‘Soundpainting: navigating the creative space within and between dance and

music.’ En cadence, s'il vous plait! A two-day conference on the relationship(s)

between theatre dance and music; European Dance History Scholars. 9-10

November, Paris, France. Funded by Kingston University Research Capability


(2012)             ‘Soundpainting: choreographing and composing in the moment’,

Composer/Choreographer/Performer Collaboration Conference of Contemporary

Music and Dance: Sound, Music and the Moving-Thinking Body; 19th April,

Institute for Musical Research, University of London.

(2011)             ‘Gesturing across the divide: unities and disunities in music-dance pieces, Moving

Music / Sounding Dance: Intersections, Disconnections, and Alignments between

Dance and Music. The Annual Conference of the Congress on Research in Dance

and the Society for Ethnomusicology, Philadelphia USA, 17–20 Nov.

(2011)             ‘Cultural and Religious Contexts behind the Deliberately Ambiguous

Mythological, Religious (and arguably Feminist) Sources of Paul Dukas’s La Péri

(1911/1912) and Ariane et Barbe-Bleue (1907)’, in "France the Lewd, France the

Prude", Lyrica Society's 5th annual Dialogues at Harvard University, 8 April

2011. Invited by Lyrica Society and Funded by Kingston University Research

Capability Fund.

(2011)             ‘Improvisation, Guided Improvisation or Real-time Composition: a workshop in

Soundpainting', Improvisation Day, Kingston University, 6 April.

(2011)             ‘A gestural analysis of music and dance through live composition’, Dance and

Music: Moving Dialogues Conference, University of Montreal, McGill

University, Société de recherché en musique, Concordia University and the

Observatoire international de la création et des cultures musicales, February.

Invited and Funded by McGill University and the Canadian Research Council.

(2010)             ‘Soundpainting and gesture’, Kingston University, Research Seminar, 8


(2010)             ‘Composers as Translators: intersemiotic transference, adaptation and

interpretation’, Portsmouth Tenth International Translation Conference, 10 November 2010.

(2010)             Invited to chair and respond, ‘Music and Image’, Royal Musical Association

Annual Conference: Boundaries, 15 July.

(2009)             ‘Gesture as a tool for analysing music and dance’, Movements between Hearing

and Seeing: Music, Dance, Theatre, Performance and Film / Bewegungen

zwischen Hören und Sehen: Musik, Tanz, Theater, Performance und Film,

Symposiom auf Schloss Thurnau, 19–21 November. Invited and funded by the

German Research Council.

(2009)             ‘Paul Dukas’s critical response of Richard Wagner’, McGill University,

Montréal, 9–11 November. Invited and Funded by Social Sciences and

Humanities Research Council of Canada. Francophone Criticism Network; grant

application led by Steven Huebner.

(2009)             ‘Gesture in and Between Music and Dance’, Centre for Interdisciplinary Music

Research, Roehampton University, 27th October.

(2009)             ‘Wagner in the Parisian Music Press’, Centre for Interdisciplinary Music

Research, Roehampton University, 20th October.

(2009)             ‘Erik Satie: responding to images’, Sixth Biennial Conference on Music Since

1900, Keele University, 2-5 July, research funding awarded by Roehampton


(2009)             Invited to chair and respond, ‘French Transformation’, Sixth Biennial Conference

on Music Since 1900, Keele University, 2-5 July.

(2009)             ‘Erik Satie “fashion milieu”: Sports et divertissements (1914/1922)’, Nostalgia

and Innovation in Twentieth-Century French Music, Symposium, Lancaster

Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University, 8–9 May.

(2009)             Invited to chair ‘Debussy Remembered: Dukas and pupils’, Nostalgia and

Innovation in Twentieth-Century French Music, Symposium, Lancaster Institute

for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University, 8–9 May.

(2008)             Invited chair and respondant, invited by Prof. Adam Ockelford, ‘Meaning in Art

and Music’, International Research on Creativity and Learning in Education

(CIRCLE), Roehampton University, 25 November.

(2008)             ‘In Collaboration: teaching performing arts’, invited and chaired by Prof.

Stephanie Jordan, Centre for Dance Research, Roehampton University, 20


(2008)             ‘In Collaboration: practical learning through gesture’, Dance, Timing and Musical

Gesture, An International Conference, University of Edinburgh, 13–15 June.

(2008)             Panel statements and responses, ‘Translating Music’, Invited by Reader Lucile

Desblache, session: 'Translating words, translating worlds', Research Festival,

Roehampton University, 10 June.

(2008)             ‘Paul Dukas and Claude Debussy: French Operatic Identity’, 1892–1992,

Colloque Internationale Musique Française: Esthétique et identité en mutation

1892–1992, Université Catholique de l’ouest, Angers, Pays de la Loire, France,

29–30 April. Research funding awarded by Roehampton University.

(2008)             ‘Paul Dukas: A Collaborative–Creative Journey’, Dance Research Conference,

Society for Dance Research in collaboration with the Centre for Interdisciplinary

Music Research, 15 March.

(2008)             Chair and respondent, research seminar for the Institute for Music Research

Directions in Musical Research Seminar Series: Alexandra Wilson, Thursday 6

March, Senate House, London. Invited by Prof. Katharine Ellis. Funded by IMR /

Royal Holloway.

(2008)             Invited research talk ‘Paul Dukas and French Musical Identity’, Dukes Theatre,

Lancaster, 22 February, funded by the Department of Continuing Education

Community Research Project, Lancaster University.

(2008)             ‘Disappointment and Imagination: Paul Dukas’s French Theatre Criticisms’,

Research seminar for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research,

Roehampton University, 30 January.

(2007)             ‘The Criticisms of Paul Dukas (1865–1935): Interpreting French Theatre

Performance’, French Music: Performance and Analysis, An International

Conference, 16 November, Brigham Young University, Laie, Hawaii. Funded by

Roehampton University.

(2007)             ‘Music in Interwar France 1918–1939: A Study Day’, 9 November, Keele

University, invited to chair and act as respondent to a session by Prof. Barbara


(2007)             Lecture–recital, presented original research and performed (trumpet), Invited by

the dean of Southland’s College, ‘Stravinsky’s Histoire du soldat: The Concept of

Voice’, Roehampton University, cond. Leslie Anne Lewis, 22–24 October 2007.

(2006)             ‘Perpetual malleability: Paul Dukas’s La Péri (1911) — the phoenix’. Invited by

Dr. Graham Cummings and Prof. John Bryan to the Research Forum, University of Huddersfield, 12 November 2006. Funded by the Music Research Forum, The University of Huddersfield.

(2006)             ‘Paul Dukas’s Critical Writings: A Concept of Drama’, Interdisciplinary

Nineteenth–Century Studies International Conference, The University of Durham,

6–9 July.

(2006)             ‘Paul Dukas’s Concept of Drama in Music’, RMA Research Students’

Conference, Leeds University, 5 January.

(2005)             ‘Le musicien–sorcier: Paul Dukas, un musicien français’, Invited paper, Le Cercle

Français, Leigh, 4 November.

(2005)             ‘Paul Dukas’s La Péri as interpreted by two balletic collaborators’, Sound Moves

International Conference on Music and Dance, Roehampton University, 6

November. Also presented in Music, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary

Arts, Lancaster University, 2 November.

(2005)             ‘The Visual Dimension in Paul Dukas’s La Péri’, Musical Iconography, RMA

Study Day, Sheffield University, 30 July. Invited presentation.

(2005)             ‘“Music necessarily has to express something”: Paul Dukas’s approach to balletic

orchestration’, RMA Research Students’ Conference, International Centre for Music Studies, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 30 March.

(2004)             ‘“I will destroy it”: Paul Dukas’s La Péri and variation form’, Symposium on

Music in France 1830–1940, An International Conference, University of

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 17 July. Funding Awarded by The Royal Musical


(2004)             ‘Active Listening in the Learning Process’, CiLTHE Conference, Lancaster

University, 1 July.

(2004)             ‘Variation Form and an Exotic Ballet’, Departmental Research Seminar,

Lancaster University, 12 May.

(2004)             ‘Reassessing Paul Dukas’s La Péri (1911)’, RMA Research Students’ Conference,

Royal Holloway University of London, 9 January.

(2004)             ‘Paul Dukas’, Departmental Research Seminar, Lancaster University, 3



Concert Talks

(2018-)                        Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra, pre-concert talks for October 2018, February

2019, May 2019, October 2019, public audience c. 150.

(2017)              Reading Classical Music Live, 1 Concert.

(2014)             Reading Classical Music Live, 3 Concerts.

(2013)              Reading Classical Music Live, 1 Concert.

(2013)              Nordic Chamber Ensemble, ‘An illustrated talk exploring the compositional styles

adopted in the chamber works to be performed in this programme’, 2nd February,

Oxshott and Cobham Music Society. Programme: Mozart: Clarinet Quintet

in A major K581; Britten: Phantasy Quartet for oboe; Lars-Eric Larsson:  Lyric

Fantasy; Beethoven: Septet Op.20 in E flat.

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