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Below is a list of my publications as a musicologist, listed by publication type.



Music, Dance and Translation: intersectional practices in music-dance works

Edited by Helen Julia Minors 

2023, in press

Bloomsbury, ISBN 9781350175730

Abstract forthcoming


Artistic Research in Performance Through Collaboration

Edited by Martin Blain and Helen Julia Minors 

2020, Hardback

2020, E-Book

2021, Paperback


This volume explores the issue of collaboration: an issue at the centre of Performance Arts Research. It is explored here through the different practices in music, dance, drama, fine art, installation art, digital media or other performance arts. Collaborative processes are seen to develop as it occurs between academic researchers in the creative arts and professional practitioners in commercial organisations in the creative arts industries (and beyond), as well as focusing attention and understanding on the tacit/implicit dimensions of working across different media. 

"This is a valuable book that addresses the growing crossovers between academia and the professional arts sector, in specifically discussing collaborative research practices. The contributions extend existing discourses on collaborative practices and practice-as-research in theatre, considering in detail a range of artistic disciplines such as music, dance, theatre and the visual arts. The volume offers writing from various perspectives, importantly including those of practitioners and practitioner-researchers." - Stefanie Sachsenmaier, Middlesex University, UK


Paul Dukas: Legacies of a French Musician

Edited by Helen Julia Minors and Laura Watson

2019, Routledge / Taylor and Francis  Hardback

2019, Routledge / Taylor and Francis  E-Book

2020, Routledge / Taylor and Francis  Paperback

2021, Routledge / Taylor and Francis Paperback release

This book appraises the contribution of Paul Dukas (1865–1935) to a wide variety of French musical practices. As a composer, critic, artistic collaborator and teacher, Dukas was central to the fin de siècle and early twentieth-century Paris musical scene (and more broadly to the French scene). Significantly, his compositional style mediated tradition through the modern language of his present, while his critical writings pioneered a new mode of musical discourse in the French press. Of further interest are Dukas’s professional relationships with iconic figures such as Gabriel Fauré and Claude Debussy, and his role in fostering the next generation of French composers. In addition to mentoring famous names such as Olivier Messiaen and Tony Aubin, he staunchly supported his female students, notably Elsa Barraine, Claude Arrieu and Yvonne Desportes. This unique essay collection offers a panoramic perspective on a comparatively neglected French musician. Paul Dukas: Legacies of a French Musician traces two aspects of his work: Part I treats Dukas as a composer, thinker and artistic collaborator; Part II constructs his intellectual legacy as seen in his creative and pedagogic endeavours. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in fin de siècle and early twentieth-century French music, women in French music, music criticism and composition education in the Paris Conservatoire.

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Building Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Bridges: Where Theory Meets Research and Practice

Edited by Pamela Burnard, Valerie Ross, Helen Julia Minors, Kimberly Powell, Tatjana Dragovic and Elizabeth Mackinlay

2017, BIBACC Publishing

This ebook is launched here as an exciting initiative which follows the BIBAC 2016 conference. It is an edited volume which celebrates the nexus of theory, research and practice of interdisciplinarity and intercultural contexts.

This book is an open access volume which can be downloaded, free of charge, below:


Music, Text and Translation

Edited by Helen Julia Minors

2013, Bloomsbury  E-Book

2013, Bloomsbury Hardback

2014, Bloomsbury  Paperback

Expanding the notion of translation, this book specifically focuses on the transferences between music and text. The concept of 'translation' is often limited solely to language transfer. It is, however, a process occurring within and around most forms of artistic expression. Music, considered a language in its own right, often refers to text discourse and other art forms. In translation, this referential relationship must be translated too.

How is music affected by text translation? How does music influence the translation of the text it sets? How is the sense of both the text and the music transferred in the translation process? Combining theory with practice, the book questions the process and role translation has to play in a musical context. It provides a range of case studies across interdisciplinary fields. It is the first collection on music in translation that is not restricted to one discipline, including explorations of opera libretti, surtitling, art song, musicals, poetry, painting, sculpture and biography, alongside looking at issues of accessibility.

“All in all, this is a good and innovative contribution to the growing interest in music and translation, probably more comprehensive than previous monographs since it significantly extends the approach to intersemiotic translation and the visual arts, widening the perspectives of the study. The theoretical issues addressed and the case studies analyzed, some of which present really interesting and illustrative examples, prove that there is still a lot to research in the ‘marriage’ between word and music in the context of translation.” Marta Mateo, JosTrans, 23 (2015).

“This volume issues a powerful challenge to everyone who uses the word "translation" in relation to music. The sheer diversity of its essays demonstrates, as no previous book has, the extraordinary intellectual and artistic fertility of bringing together the notions of music and translation - and the dangers of thinking we know what we're talking about.” – Peter Dayan, Professor of Word and Music Studies, The University of Edinburgh, UK

“This is a very rich and wide-ranging collection which combines real interdisciplinarity with a keen awareness of the current relevance of this topic to Translation Studies. The book is likely to give new energy to an already-lively field of research. Its store of fascinating detail and its blend of professional and critical input, from the world of opera in particular, should also interest admirers of opera, art song and other musical-textual forms.” – Carol O’Sullivan, Senior Lecturer in Italian Language and Translation Theory, University of Portsmouth, UK.



'Music Speaks: the role of emotional expression in music for sci-fi fantasy films'.

Intersemiotic Perspectives on Emotions: Translating across Signs, Bodies and Values.

Edited by Meng Ji and Susan Petrilli. pp. 332-348.

Routledge. 2023. ISBN: 9780367521264


'Club Inegales, Curation and Processes of Public Musicology'.

Routledge Companion to Applied Musicology, edited by Chris Dormey. In press.


'Introduction: Defining the Territory: Interrogating the Collaborative Processes, Issues and Concepts', co-authored with Martin Blain

Artistic Research in Performance Through Collaboration, edited by Martin Blain and Helen Julia Minors, Basingstoke: Palgrave macmillan, 2020. ISBN 9783030385989, pp. 3–10.


'The Place of Artistic Research in Higher Education', co-authored with Martin Blain

Artistic Research in Performance Through Collaboration, edited by Martin Blain and Helen Julia Minors, Basingstoke: Palgrave macmillan, 2020. ISBN 9783030385989, pp. 11–36.


'Soundpainting: a tool for collaborating during performance'

Artistic Research in Performance Through Collaboration, edited by Martin Blain and Helen Julia Minors, Basingstoke: Palgrave macmillan, 2020. ISBN 9783030385989, pp. 113–138.


'Opera and Intercultural Musicology as a Mode of Translation'

Opera in Translation: Diversity and Unity, edited by Adriana Serban and Kelly Yar Yue Chan, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2020. ISBN 9789027207500, pp. 13–33.


'Translations between music and dance: Analysing the choreomusical gestural interplay in Twentieth and Twenty-first century dance works'

Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words, edited by Monica Boria, Angeles Carreras, Maria Noriega-Sanchez and Marcus Tomalin, London and New York: Routledge, 2019. ISBN 9780429341557, pp. 158–178.


'Introducing Dukas's Legacy', co-written with Laura Watson

Paul Dukas: Legacies of a French Musician, edited by Helen Julia Minors and Laura Watson, London and New York: Routledge / Taylor and Francis, 2019. ISBN 9781138573246, pp. 1–14.


'Paul Dukas's Modern Aesthetic Revealed in Funereal Mode: Le Tombeau in La Revue musicale'

Paul Dukas: Legacies of a French Musician, edited by Helen Julia Minors and Laura Watson, London and New York: Routledge / Taylor and Francis, 2019. ISBN 9781138573246, pp. 86–109.


'Le Tombeau de Ronsard, La Revue musicale (1924): memory and historical interplay'

Historical Interplay in French Music and Culture, edited by Deborah Mawer, London and New York: Routledge, 2018. ISBN 9781472474759, pp. 97–118.

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'Intercultural Arts Practice explored in Pictures at our Exhibition (2016)'

Building Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Bridges: Where Theory Meets Research and Practice, edited by Pamela Burnard, Valerie Ross, Helen Julia Minors, Kimberley Powell, Tatjana Dragovic and Elizabeth Mackinley. Bibacc Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781138909939, no pagination.


'Mediating Cultures and Musics: an intercultural production of A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Arts Theory, Research and Practice, edited by Pamela Burnard, Elizabeth MacKinlay and Kimberley Powell. London and New York: Routledge, 2016. ISBN 9781138909939, pp. 417–430.


'Soundpainting: the use of space in creating music-dance pieces'

Sound music and the Moving-Thinking Body, edited by Osvaldo Lorenzo Glieca and Marilyn Wyers. London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. ISBN 9781443852319, pp. 27–34.


'Experiencing inter-art dialogue in Erik Satie's Sports et divertissements (1914/1922)'

Erik Satie: Music, Art and Literature, edited by Caroline Potter. Farnham: Ashgate, ISBN 9781409434214, pp. 115–135.


'Introduction: Translation in Music Discourse'

Music, Text and Translation, edited by Helen Julia Minors. London: Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN 9781441173089, pp. 1–8.


'Erik Satie: Music Translating Images'

Music, Text and Translation, edited by Helen Julia Minors. London: Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN 9781441173089, pp. 107–120.


'Art Song in Translation', co-authored with Peter Newmark

Music, Text and Translation, edited by Helen Julia Minors. London: Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN 9781441173089, pp. 59–68.


‘In Collaboration:

toward a gestural analysis of music and dance’

Bewegungen zwischen Horen und Sehen: Denkbewegungen uber Bewegungskunste, edited by Stephanie Schroedter. Wurzburg, Germany: Konigshausen & Neumann, 2012. ISBN 9783826047442, pp. 163–180.


‘Paul Dukas et Claude Debussy:

Identité dans l'opéra français’

La musique française: esthétique et identité en mutation 1892–1992, edited by Pascal Terrien

Paris, France: Editions Delateur, 2012. ISBN 9782752101068, pp. 227–240



'Music as Multimodal Translation'.


Tibon. Special Issue: In more than one sense. Volume 3. 2021.


'Taking Race Live: exploring experiences of race through interdisciplinary collaboration in higher education'

London Review of Education, Sonya Sharma, Elena Catalano, Heidi Seetzen, Helen Julia Minors, Sylvie Collins-Mayo, 17(2), 2019, pp. 193–205.


'Overview - Mapping Trends and Framing Issues in Higher Music Education: Changing Minds/Challenging Practices'

London Review of Education, lead author with Pamela Burnard, Charles Wiffen, J. Simon van der Walt and Zaina Shihabi, 15(3), 2017, pp. 457–473.


'Soundpainting: navigating creativity'

Choreologica, European Association of Dance Historians, 6(1), 2013, pp. 79–90.


'Music and movement in dialogue: exploring gesture in Soundpainting'

Cahiers de la Société quebecoise de recherche en musique, 13(1-2), 2012, pp. 87–96.


'Paul Dukas's Appropriation of Maeterlinck's Text: Surveying a Primary Source of Ariane et Barbe-Bleue (1907)'

Ars Lyrica: Journal of the Lyrica Society for Word Music Relations, 20, 2011 pp. 81–99.

1043-3848. Not currently available online.


'Paul Dukas's La Péri (1911-12): A Problematic Creative-Collaborative Journey'

Dance Research: Ballets Russes Special Issue, part 2, 27/2, 2009, pp. 227–252.


'Paul Dukas's La Péri as interpreted by two balletic collaborators'

Opera Quarterly: Performance, History, Theory, 22/1, 2006, pp.117–135.



The Cambridge Stravinsky Encyclopedia

Edited by Edward Campbell and Peter O'Hagen, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021

ISBN 9781316493205

Entries include: Antheil, Georges; Beaulieu-sur-mer; Bernhardt, Sarah; Boulanger, Nadia; Chanel, Gabrielle ‘Coco’; Clarens; Délage, Maurice; Dukas, Paul; Duparc, Henri; France (Stravinsky and); Freund, Marya; Sadoven, Helene; Grigoriev, Sergey; Horne, Marilyn; ISCM; Janacopoulous, Vera; Koch, Kaspar; Les Apaches; Roundeville, Robert; Lourie, Arthur; Maison, Rene; Murrey, Bonnie; Nice (Villefranche sur mer); Palais des Beaux Arts; Robinson, Richard; Théâtre Femina; Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt; Théâtre du Chatelet; Théâtre des Champs-Elysees.



Score prefaces for MPH Musikproduktion Hoeflich

The following are the score prefaces published by MPH

(2020)             Jean Cras, Concerto pour piano et orchestra, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2019)             André Caplet, Forêt pour chant et orchestre, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2018)             Darius Milhaud, Cinq Etudes, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich. 


(2017)             Camille Saint-Sæns, Rapsodie Britonne, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2017)             Gabriel Fauré, Sinfonia in F, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich. 


(2016)             Vincent d’Indy, Poème de Rivages, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2016)             Vincent d’Indy, Medee, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich. 


(2015)             George Gershwin, Cuban Overture, for orchestra, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2014)             Camille Saint-Saëns, Andromaque, for orchestra, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2014)             Jules Massenet, Navarraise, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich. 


(2013)             Claude Debussy, La Boîte aux joujoux, orchestrated by André Caplet, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoflich.


(2011)             Lili Boulanger, Psaume 30 "Du fond de l'abime", for orchestra, organ, choir and voice, Munich:

                        Musikproduktion Hoflich.

(2011)             Lili Boulanger, Psaume 129, for bariton, choir and orchestra, Munich: Musikproduktion


(2011)             Lili Boulanger, Psaume 24, for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba, cymbals, harp

                        and organ, Munich: Musikproduktion Hoeflich. 


Book Reviews


Review of, Peter Spissky, 2017. Ups and Downs, Violin Bowing as Gesture. Doctoral thesis, Lund University.

Swedish Journal of Music Research, 2021, 


Book review of, Lucile Desblache, Music and Translation: New Meditations in a Digital Age

Revue Meta, Journal des traducteurs, 2021. Volume 66, number 1, pp. 230-232.


Book review of, Ilyana Karthas, When Ballet Became French: Modern Ballet and the Cultural Politics of France

Modern and Contemporary France, 25(2), 2017, pp. 239–240.


Book review of, Tamara Levitz, Modernist Mysteries: Persephone

H-France, 16/56, 2016, online


Book review of, Barbara Kelly, Music and Ultra-Modernism in France: A Fragile Consensus 1913-1939

Notes, The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, 73/3, 2015, pp.509–512.


Book review of, Clair Rowden, Performing Salome, Revealing Stories

Notes, The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, 73/3, 2015, pp.519–522.


Book review of, Davinia Caddy, The Ballets Russes and Beyond: Music and Dance in Belle-Epoque Paris

The Slavonic and East European Review, 91/4, 2013, pp. 891–892.


Book review of, Charles M. Joseph, Stravinsky's Ballets

Dance Research Journal, 45/1, 2013, pp. 128–131.


Book review of, Peter Dayan, Art as Music, Music as Poetry, Poetry as Art, From Whistler to Stravinsky and Beyond

Ars Lyrica, Journal of the Society for Word-Music Relations, 20, 2011, pp. 129–132.


Book review of, Paul André Bempéchat, Jean Cras, Polymath of Music and Letters

Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, 67/2, 2010, pp. 348–350.


Book review of, Annegret Fauser, Musical Encounters at the 1889 Paris World's Fair

Nineteenth Century Music Review, 4/1, 2007, pp. 135–139.

Conference Proceedings


Conference Proceedings for various conferences

Author and Editor

(2013)             ‘How Performance Thinks’, compiled and edited by Helen Julia Minors, Practice

                        Research Unit, Kingston University and Performance and Philosophy Working Group                                                                                                      and

(2011)             ‘Gesturing across the divide: unities and disunities in creating music-dance

                        pieces’, in ed. Ashanti Pertlow, Congress for Dance Research Proceedings, n.p.

(2010)             ‘Dance History Scholars: Politics, Perspectives and Practices’, Society of Dance

                        Research, compiled and edited by Helen Julia Minors.


(2009)             ‘Dance Research Conference’, ed. Helen Julia Minors and Geraldine Morris,

                        Society for Dance Research and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research.


(2009)             ‘Paul Dukas and Serge Diaghilev: A Problematic Creative–Collaborative Journey’, in ‘Conference                                        Proceedings: Dance Research Conference, in collaboration with the Society for Dance Research and the                          Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research, ed. Helen Julia Minors and Geraldine Morris,

                        pp. 15–22. 

(2006)             ‘Paul Dukas’s La Péri as interpreted by two balletic collaborators’ in ‘Sound Moves International                                        Conference on Music and Dance Proceedings’,


Conference Reports


A sample of some conference reports


(2012)             ‘The end of literacy?’, The Institute of Composing, invited response to ‘Literary’

                        at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre 


(2011)             ‘Practice-Based and Practice-Led Doctorates: Supervision and Success’ Bath Spa

                        University, UK Council for Graduate Education Newsletter,                                           


(2010)             ‘Music Iconography Study Group, Open Session and AGM’, Courtauld Institute of Art, The Royal       

                        Musical Association, 26 July 2010, RMA Newsletter.

(2006)             ‘Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies International Conference. Interdisciplinary

                        Nineteenth–Century Studies (INCS), The Centre for Nineteenth– Century Music & St Chad's College,

                        Durham University, UK 6–9 July 2006’, RMA Newsletter.