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Women's Work in Music, an International Workshop, Bangor University, 5-6th September

This event was hugely successful, with online participants coming from Australia, Germany, UK, USA and Canada amongst others. The original abstract for the event is below.

Rethinking Women’s Work in Music Workshop

5 – 6 September 2022, Bangor University In Person and Online

New Ideas, New Directions

The Department of Music, Drama and Performance at Bangor University is hosting a Rethinking Women’s Work in Music Workshop on 5 – 6 September 2022. This discussion-based Workshop is an opportunity for postgraduate students and early career researchers to share their research and experiences, and to actively contribute to discussions on the Workshop’s main topics:

  • How might we shape women’s work in music scholarship in the next twenty years?

  • How can we be more inclusive about teaching women in music subjects in HE?

  • How can we ensure that women are more represented in leadership roles in HE and the music industries?

The two-day Workshop will consist of three sessions, led by Dr. Laura Hamer (The Open University), Dr. Rhiannon Mathias (Bangor University), Dr. Helen Julia Minors (Kingston University). During the sessions, attendees will be encouraged to discuss issues or challenges that they have encountered in their area of work, and to bring questions that relate to the Workshop themes as outline above. The event will also include a concert on the evening of 5 September given by Mary Hofman (violin) and Richard Ormrod (piano) featuring music by Welsh composers Eleanor Alberga, Sarah Lianne-Lewis, Steph Power, Rhian Samuel and Hilary Tann.

Although registration will be required, the Rethinking Women’s Work in Music Workshop is free to attendees and includes a ticket to the concert. The Workshop is offered as a hybrid event, with participants able to attend either in person or interactively online. We will be following Welsh Government covid restrictions that are in place during the Workshop, and the concert will also be available as a livestream event for those attending online.

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