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New Publication: Article, "Music and Multimodal Translation"

Volume abstract:

"In more ways than one: Multimodality and construction of meanings in translation and interpretation

Coordination: Celia Martín de León and Gisela Marcelo Wirnitzer The concept of "multimodality" refers to the interaction of different semiotic modes in the processes of meaning production. Spoken and written language, gestures, static and moving images, sound or music are some of the semiotic modes that we use to create and interpret meanings. To carry out their task, translators, audio descriptors, subtitlers or interpreters need to know how these modes interact in the production of meaning. The papers collected in this volume address this issue and attempt to answer, from different perspectives and fields of study, questions such as the following: How do different semiotic resources interact in the processes of construction of meanings of translators and interpreters? How can we study the interactions and synergies between the different modes? How can each of the modes contribute to ease of understanding and accessibility? How do the translators and interpreters themselves perceive their use of the different modes in their processes of construction of meanings? The studies offer a multifaceted panorama of a phenomenon that is receiving increasing attention in translation and interpretation studies and that forces us to rethink and redefine our object of study."

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